Shining Seahawks!
DMA is extremely proud of our cadets and their accomplishments.  Here you will find photos featuring our latest event(s), as well as select cadets who have gone above and beyond the call of duty to make our school stand out as one of the best!  BRAVO ZULU!
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Shining Seahawk of the Month A new program to recognize cadets who attain high academic achievement and take pride in DMA and in themselves.  Cadets are nominated by faculty members and Naval Science Instructors and chosen by Shining Seahawk Selection Committee.  The factors that are   invloved in nominating and selecting cadets are scholarship, leadership and citizenship. Cadets can only win Shining Seahawk of the Month once during the school year.  At the end of the year, they are eligible for selection as Shining Seahawk of the Year.
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FRESHMAN:  Cadet Thomas McAdoo has been nominated by Mrs. Rosaio for being a conscientious and patient student. He is reflective and observant. He offers assistance without being asked, he is intuitive, and knows when to help a struggling classmate without pretending to "know" it all.  I nominate Thomas McAdoo for the honor of being named Shining Seahawk of the month for the notable impression he has given me after only a few short months of school.  Congratulations Cadet McAdoo! SOPHOMORE:  Cadet Jacqueline Means has been nominated by Senior Chief Williams for being the epitome of leadership, scholarship, and citizenship. As  Platoon Leader,  she  is a passionate leader with a strong determination to lead and help others. She is extremely competitive amongst her peers with a most impressive GPA of 3.25. She is very inquisitive and always looking for better ways to improve not only herself, but others around her.  Congratulations Cadet Means! JUNIOR:  Cadet/Ensign Gavin Lewis has been nominated by Chief Craig.  Gavin is a dedicated, determined and goal oriented cadet who personifies our core values of honor, courage and commitment. His can-do attitude and commitment to excellence is most noteworthy along with his team player approach… regardless of the order or challenge involved. Congratulations Gavin and thank you for all your hard work and dedication… those character traits will serve you well going forward. You are an outstanding ambassador for DMA and a superb example of a “Shining Seahawk!” SENIOR:  Cadet Ali Novotny has been nominated by Mrs. Urquhart.  Ali Novotny epitomizes what it means to be a Shining Seahawk. As a student, she excels in her academics, and as a cadet-athlete, she is a leader on and off the court. But, this is not why Ali has been nominated for this honor. What sets Ali apart and the reason for this nomination are her compassion and kindness. Ali has the ability to make all those around her feel welcome and included at all times. She genuinely cares about her fellow cadets, and sets the example on campus for all others. Ali has made a big impression on the lives that she has touched through the Big-Little Program, Volleyball, and more. She goes out of her way for others and is truly a blessing to so many. I am very grateful to have gotten to know Ali over the past year. Congratulations Cadet Novotony!
Shining Seahawks for September!
FRESHMAN:  Cadet Jaelyn Valentin has been nominated by Senior Chief McClain for exemplifying the three “ships” of DMA. She is always eager to assist the Naval Science department, while going above and beyond in assisting other cadets.  Cadet Valentin completed over 99 hours of community service over the summer, mostly at the VA hospital helping our veterans.   She wears her uniform with pride and is a highly motivated cadet and talented young lady who is wholeheartedly committed to the objectives at DMA.  Congratulations Cadet Valentin! SOPHOMORE:  Cadet Nathan Gearing has been nominated by Mr. Lingenfelter.  Nate has set his goal high, because being in the norm, just doesn't cut it. Working hard is a commitment that Nate has continued into his sophomore year. Leading his entire class this semester in driver education, Nate has consistently pushed himself to achieve excellence in all his classes. Nate is one of those leaders whose actions have spoken volumes. I nominated this fine young leader because he is what DMA consistently looks for year after year in all their cadets. I am proud to have crossed paths along his journey and will be excited to see his outcome here at DMA. Academics - check, Leadership - check, self esteem and discipline - check, self control - mastered. Great job Cadet Gearing! JUNIOR:  Cadet Erin Naughton has been nominated by Ms. Fabian for her dedication, hard work, and commitment to her education.   Erin works hard by always going beyond what is required to make sure she fully comprehends the concepts. She is focused on her work and determined to do her very best in everything she does. Erin is a good and positive role model and a pleasure to have in class. CONGRATULATIONS, Cadet Naughton. SENIOR:  Cadet Erin Walsh has been nominated by Ms. Aunet.  Cadet Walsh has the distinction of being the only cadet in World History to answer every single multiple choice question correctly on the first test! Through her hard work and determination, she has shown that perfection can be achieved. Her positive attitude and willingness to help out on such occasions as Parent Open House, are additional reasons that she is a true example of a Shining Seahawk. I am sure that Cadet Walsh will continue to excel in her final year at DMA. Congratulations Cadet Walsh!
Shining Seahawks for November!
FRESHMAN:  Cadet Brynn Castellani has been nominated by Mrs. Dick for being one of the kindest, sweetest, most hardworking 9th grade cadets. She’s always smiling and willing to help others with anything they might need.  She maintains a super high A in English, and she stands out as one of the best of the best.  Mrs. Dick nominated Brynn not jus for her kind heartedness but also for her effort and perseverance. Congratulations Cadet Castellani! SOPHOMORE:  Cadet Zachary Sklodowski has been nominated by Mr. Townsend.   Cadet Sklodowski always has a beaming smile on his face and a friendly presence about him that makes a teacher excited to know him. Additionally, during the month of February Sklodowski was a driving force behind the DMA Seahawks freshmen math and snack league team, helping them to secure enough points to qualify for the state championship meet in April. Sklodowski not only puts math first and snacks second, but he also finished the regular math league season as the first overall scorer in the region, and will be recognized for this at the state meet. Congratulations Cadet Sklodowski! JUNIOR:  Cadet Chris Gray has been nominated by Chief K and Ms. Fabian.  Chris is a dedicated, kind, and committed cadet.  He excels at math and shows his excellence in his attention to detail in working through math problems.  He is friendly and helpful to all cadets and does anything that’s asked of him.  He does not hesitate to explain or help a fellow cadet and will work hard at any task assigned to him.  Congratulations Chris,  and thank you for all your hard work and dedication… You are truly a worthy example of a “Shining Seahawk!” SENIOR:  Cadet Jonathan Golebiowski has been nominated by Commandant Pullella.  Jonathan is a dedicated, determined, and goal-oriented young man who demonstrates complete commitment to DMA … on a daily basis! His positive school spirit and patriotism is most noteworthy and can be witnessed at virtually every athletic contest where he leads the cheering section. Congratulations and thank you Jonathan for all that you do for our school… your pride and school spirit is remarkable and contagious.  Keep smiling, stay positive, and know that DMA is a better place because of cadets like you! Congratulations Cadet Golebiowski!
Shining Seahawks for December!
FRESHMAN:  Cadet Isadora Reichner has been nominated by Mrs. Urquhart.   Isadora is the type of cadet for which DMA was built. She is hard-working, respectful, kind, energetic, and so much more. Izzy comes to school each day with an eagerness to learn and thrive, and with a positive outlook that is truly her own. Whether it is in class or on the Volleyball court, Izzy gives her all. No matter the challenge, Izzy faces it head on, works through it, and has a smile on her face all-the-while. She is one of the most determined cadets I know, and truly a worthy recipient of the honor- Shining Seahawk. SOPHOMORE:  Cadet Samantha Bennett has been nominated by Mr. Lingenfelter.   Cadet Samantha Bennett has worked very hard to become a good, responsible, and well balanced citizen. The one thing that stands out is her determined and positive personality; she has an unstoppable desire to be her best. Samantha has put forth a learning style here at DMA that could be contagious, if others would choose to follow her path. I am so proud to see that her integrity and discipline has guided her to becoming one of DMA's finest. Being chosen Seahawk of the Month has added strength to her wings that will help her soar to greater achievements. Congratulations Samantha Bennett! JUNIOR:  Cadet Seth Immediato has been nominated by Ms. Fabian.  Seth excels at math and shows his excellence in his determination and hard work.  After Seth broke his leg he had quite a bit of school work to make up.  He came after school, even when he had to rely on friends for rides, and made up every bit of work, even taking the Midterm Exam, all while keeping up with the current class work.  Seth did all this and did well enough to be exempt from the Final, earning straight A’s.  He is friendly and helpful to all cadets and does anything that’s asked of him.  He does not hesitate to explain or help a fellow cadet.  Congratulations Seth,  and thank you for all your hard work and dedication! SENIOR:  Cadet Nicholas Graham has been nominated by Ms. Calderone.  Nick Graham demonstrates what DMA wishes to see in all of its cadets; respect, hard work and kindness. Nick is one of the most determined and hardworking cadets I have had the pleasure of teaching during my time at DMA. His hard work and determination paid off during the month of December when he received Senator Coons' Principal Nomination to the U.S. Naval Academy. Nick's hard work is evident inside and outside the classroom. Nick also excels as a member of the DMA basketball team. Cadet Graham is an all around fantastic cadet and person. The sky is truly the limit for you, Nick. I, along with the entire staff at DMA, cannot wait to watch you succeed in your future. Bravo Zulu, Cadet Graham!
Bravo Zulu!
Bravo Zulu!
Bravo Zulu!
Bravo Zulu!
Shining Seahawks Shining Seahawks