Our mission is very clear and built upon the three Cornerstones in our emblem.  We are first and foremost an educational institution.  Our focus is on developing each young man and woman to strive for success in pursuit of academic excellence, character development and leadership.  We develop the whole person.  DMA graduates will be educated citizen-leaders responsible for themselves, to others, and to society.
Administrative Staff
Anthony Pullella Commandant anthony.pullella@dma.k12.de.us
CW4 Morgan Bahr Commander of the Naval Science Department morgan.bahr@dma.k12.de.us
Nicholas Dorda Athletic Director nicholas.dorda@dma.k12.de.us
Debra Certesio Guidance Counselor, 504 Coordinator debra.certesio@dma.k12.de.us
Karen Jardine Inst. Support, Spec. Ed Coordinator, Title IX Coordinator karen.jardine@dma.k12.de.us
Donna Bucci Nurse donna.bucci@dma.k12.de.us
Kenneth Gatson Director of Finance and Human Resources kenneth.gatson@dma.k12.de.us
English Department
Bonnie Derbyshire Business Department - - Department Chair bonnie.derby shire@dma.k12.de.us
Business Department
John Grant Guidance Counselor, Band Director john.grant@dma.k12.de.us
David Keiser Maintenance Department david.keiser@dma.k12.de.us
Ryan Douglas Maintenance Department
Shawn McGee Maintenance Department
Mathematics Department
Driver’s Education
Tara Dick English Department - - Department Chair tara.dick@dma.k12.de.us
Tracey Kackley Language Department - - Department Chair tracey.kackley@dma.k12.de.us
Language Department
Carly Pisani Mathematics Department - - Department Chair carly.pisani@dma.k12.de.us
Sarah Novick Mathematics Department sarah.novick@dma.k12.de.us
Anne Fabian Mathematics Department anne.fabian@dma.k12.de.us
Music Department
CW4 Morgan Bahr Commander of Naval Science Department morgan.bahr@dma.k12.de.us
Naval Science Department
Physical Education
Paul Long Science Department - - Department Chair paul.long@dma.k12.de.us
Science Department
John O’Kneski Social Sciences Department - - Department Chair john.okneski@dma.k12.de.us
Mark Giansanti Social Sciences Department mark.giansanti@dma.k12.de.us
Social Sciences Department
Maintenance Department
Delaware Military Academy
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Danielle Schneider Language Department - - Department Chair danielle.schneider@dma.k12.de.us
Donna Galinskie Administrative Assistant donna.galinskie@dma.k12.de.us
Rachel Taylor Administrative Assistant rachel.taylor@dma.k12.de.us
Gregory Caskey Social Sciences Department gregory.caskey@dma.k12.de.us